Olympia Capital Holdings PLC

Olympia Capital Holdings PLC

Was established as Dunlop Kenya Limited (DKL) in 1968 as a branch office of Dunlop UK in Kenya

Motivated by success, driven by professionalism

We strive to offer the best return on investments to shareholders and to protect the rights of all stakeholders in East and Southern Africa

Over 55 years
of experience

Formerly Dunlop Kenya Limited (DKL) was initially established in 1968 as a branch office of Dunlop UK in Kenya

Clear Corporate Governance

The Board is accountable to the Company’s shareholders for good governance..


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Why Olympia Capital Holding Limited

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Our vision is to be a trailblazer in shaping industries and enriching lives. We aspire to lead with integrity, empower communities, and contribute to the socio-economic advancement of the regions we operate in.


Our mission is to deliver exceptional investment opportunities, innovative solutions, and outstanding services that transcend expectations. Through strategic partnerships, prudent management, and a commitment to quality, we aim to maximize value for our stakeholders.

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