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Avon Rubber Company is a privately owned company that was incorporated in Kenya in 1968. It started off as a rubber products manufacturing company hence its name “Avon Rubber Company”. The manufactured rubber products included bicycle tires & tubes, rubber floor tiles, rubber floor sheets and motor vehicle tires. Avon Rubber Company stopped its manufacturing business in the year 2006 owing to an increase in cheap motor vehicle and bicycle tire imports from China.

The company, now converted into a property company, is located on a total acreage of 3.5 located in a prime area of Nairobi’s Industrial area. The current use & occupancy is comprised of a mixture of shops, offices, workshops and banks including: ABSA Bank, Habib Bank, AG Zurich Bank and Spire Bank. With over 65% of the rental space fully let it has a gross annual turnover of approximately 60 million.

The commercial industrial complex comprise of the following, three fully developed properties situated on the corner of Enterprise and Dar-es-Salaam roads in Industrial Area and occupying 3.5 acres of land and house:

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The development is a medium sized commercial cum industrial property comprising Banking Halls, Shops, Godowns and Offices. The property is currently valued at Ksh 198.5 Million.

The development comprises a four-story office block fronting Enterprise Road and three godowns that have been redesigned to accommodate various tenants. The property is currently valued at Ksh 154 Million.


The developments comprise a double story office block touching Chuka Road and a godown. There is a concrete surfaced car parking area with dwarf walls and railings forming the boundary to the road. A lift shaft has been provided and the office block can be extended upwards. The property is currently valued at Ksh 133.5 Million.

The company is currently holding plans to embark on a phased redevelopment and expansion of the properties to maximize on its development and commercial potential. It is envisaged that the redevelopment will create an optimal mix of facilities in an attractive & landmark design for this prime & multi-frontage site and location.